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Week 45?: Piper Lives Up to Its Name

It's been a while since I've made an update a lot has happened since!

  1. Piper in Unreal!

  2. Exporting data through attributes and using it as metadata in Unreal

  3. Which means, you can use the data to figure out where the asset came from, and open/re-export the asset straight from the DCC! Currently on Maya is supported...

Note that each function also grabs the docstring and adds it as a tooltip for the user to see what the buttons does, wow so helpful!

Other "fun" updates include a GUI for the piper installer, perforce module that's hooked into Maya, vendors directory, functions to move rotate values to joint orient and back, restructuring to remove "" files and probably a lot of bug fixes here and there.


As far develop ment for the game goes, it's sort of halted, mostly due to fatigue and interest in other things. I do hope to get a motivational wind here and there to carry me through. Last update was streaming in new backgrounds when the camera is no longer seeing the blend portion of the background, which works well except I believe it's causing some crashes in the build, but not in editor. Which means its time to add some kind of crash analytics to the project, so far I've found this repo,

CrashlyticsKit, that may be promising, but a quick google of "crash analytics unreal engine ios" also yields promising results.

Using a material to blend the two textures together which makes the image look seamless!


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