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Used Houdini to make a discoball skull that moves to the sound of Jaden Smith's distorted voice.

Following the skull motif I decided to animate a still image of skull

This is how I tend to walk down the stairs.

Learning about deformations in Houdini.

Kaleidoscope moves to the beats of Lindsay Lowend

Used After Effects Tao

Curly strings around skull geometry.

Used VDB and solver SOP in Houdini.

A mountain synchronized to music.

After Effects Trapcode

Tower Destruction.

Houdini Rigid Bodies/Bullet solver.

Tattoo concept based on racing stripes

And the color wheel

Cool deformations when geometries penetrate each other

VDB SOP in Houdini

It's like a modern eye of Sauron cause they are cities

After Effects

Papers flying around

Cloth simulation in Houdini

Audio visualizer

After Effects

Moving points from one side to the other!

Make sure both objects have the same amount of points!


Mesmerizing starts in after effects

Started reading Daniel Shiffman's  "The Nature of Code" and followed his logic by using VEX in Houdini. Great way of learning C, Vex, algorithms, and Houdini all at the same time!

This example is early on in the book when he writes about random walks and standard deviation. 

Made a complex machine where expressions drive the objects and synchronize to expand and contract a plane that reflects all light. This makes a mirror that warps perspective as it bends between concave and convex. I was able to focus more on learning shaders, lighting, and rendering with this project.

Procedural building based on a Japanese Pagoda. Several attributes change the layout of the building. Most of the attributes are based on width, height, and depth. This was a great project to learn about writing and expanding expressions. The stair expression was the most difficult in my opinion, but I had a great result at the end. Pardon the rendering quality, now I know that some samples need to be kicked up.

First project in Houdini. Learning how to use SOPS, HScript, and how attributes work. The math for the phyllotaxis pattern was provided, but we still had to implement it into the program. I also expanded on the pattern and made it expand into a double helix towards camera.

Still image os scattered pagodas. Used copy SOPS with scatter SOPS with the paint SOPS to place grass, trees, and pagodas all over a landscape made in Houdini. Randomized the procedural building’s attributes to come up different versions with each instance.

A looping flowing fractal reacting to James Blake's "My Willing Heart" voice and snares. Color and pattern inspired by the natural formations of an amethyst. After Effects.

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