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A GUI to quickly use ffmpeg, convert, and/or gifsicle to create a .gif from a video. Used Python and PySide2 to make the GUI, then froze the script (creating a .exe) with pyinstaller to easily distribute.

Auto Collision

A script to make geometry collide with controllers. Useful for collars, fences, dresses, clothes, etc. Used PySide2 for the GUI and Python to in Maya to make all the connections for the auto collision to work.

Parenter Node

First solo attempt at a C++ node, tried to make a space switcher node called "parenter". Fun way of practicing matrices and Maya's C++ API.

Hair Tool

Creates a hair curve that drives the selected controls. This lets you use Maya's dynamic menu set to control the hair curve along with all the hair system, nucleus, and follicle attributes. Once you are happy with the way the simulation looks, bake the results to get keyframes on the controls.

Sine Tool

Select the controls IN ORDER that you would like to be influenced by the Sine Tool. A smart script places the sine visualizer with proper scaling by your controls.


Automatically creates control on selected geometry that has banking attributes. The smart script knows where to place the pivots for the geometry to bank correctly.

Hinge Tool

Scripts that I wrote while working on the Python 101 course through Rigging Dojo. This was a very useful learning experience and got a cool tool out of it. Once the UI is loaded, use the menu to create locators that are used to place joints. Then, use the menu again to create the rig

Round values tool

A tool with a GUI that rounds the attributes' value to the nearest specified decimal point.

How to set up modules in Maya

Tutorial to help set up a new Maya script directory. Modules also allow user to make new Maya environment paths.

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