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Week 44: Continuous Integration for Unreal Engine iOS Projects with Jenkins

This will be a short post this week since the big write up is in a git hub repo.

This week involved setting up a Jenkins server on a MacOS computer that will now build and distribute the app at the press of a button from Windows. The most beginner-friendly and concise tutorial for setting up Jenkins and build scripts I could find was skymapgames/jenkins-ue4. However, skymapgames/jenkins-ue4 is based on Windows batch files. To make iOS apps, you need to use a MacOS, which cannot read batch files. Therefore, I created my own GitHub repository inspired by skymapgames/jenkins-ue4 that walks over the process using shell scripts to create an iOS app with a MacOS machine.

Hopefully someone finds the shell scripts helpful! Anyways, happy building!


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