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Week 28: Icons/Buttons, Colors, and Bug Fixes

Slow-ish week due to semester finals. Made some icons and buttons on the switcher GUI since it's meant to be active during piper animation.

Selects all the controls

Toggles between showing and hiding all controls

Toggles between showing and hiding all inner controls

Toggles between showing and hiding all selected controls' inner control

Toggles between showing and hiding all joints in scene

Toggles between hiding/showing controls on playback

Moves the control to its bind pose (zeroes out local space). But also maintains the current space its on


Also did a bit of color studies by learning about aviation snips and maritime color coding which is the base to a lot of rig color schemes (red=left, yellow=middle, green=right). The problem with this color scheme is that its hard to differentiate between red and green for those with color blindness. So instead, I will be using blue as the right color. What we get is pretty simple, but useable for a wider audience. Jury is still out on the salmon color for the middle inner controls. Color blindness tested with Coblis.


Other notable improvements include:

  • Global scale bug fix for controls directly under root ctrl.

  • Calculating root control size by averaging the grid plane vector length of all the position of all the vertices of the meshes.

  • Inner, bank, and reverse control name suffixes exposed to

  • Made a humanLeg function to simply its creation. Creates an FKIK chain, a banker ctrl, and a reverse ctrl.

  • Figured out how to make an orient type space constraint using only matrices. For example, rotation of clavicle affects arm translation, but arm maintains the orientation of the given space, such as a spine or root ctrl. Will be implementing solution soon!


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