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Week 25: Volumetric IK

Much like last week included volumetric FK scaling of joints. This week we have volumetric IK scaling of joints with animation retargeting via file references. Below is a quick animation of the Mooer with the volumetric IK on all four legs

Below is the same animation in UE4. When I first exported the animation I thought scaling interpolation was messing up, but upon closer inspection, FBX's built-in key baker tends to overshoot tangents on export. After baking the animation manually and reexporting, scaling worked like a charm in UE4

Below we see the result of switching the Mooer file reference with the Blobber in Maya, and then exporting that animation into UE4.

Volumetric IK and live retargeting were the two big risky features, but now that they are in the rear-view, it is smooth sailing from here, right? Anyways, onward to the next rigging adventure soon: global scaling and rig organization.


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