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Week 13: A cow and a Matrix


For piper's rigging system, my goal is to use matrices only in order to practice matrix math. Therefore, here is a script for a simple matrix constraint thanks Vasil Shotarov.

import pymel.core as pm

def parentMatrixConstraint(driver=None, target=None, t=True, r=True, s=True, offset=False):
    if not driver or not target:
        selected = pm.selected()

        if len(selected) < 2:
            pm.error('Not enough items selected and no driver or target found!')

        driver = selected[-2]
        target = selected[-1]

    matrix_multiplication = pm.createNode('multMatrix')
    decompose_matrix = pm.createNode('decomposeMatrix')

    if offset:
        offset = target.worldMatrix.get() * driver.worldInverseMatrix.get()
        driver.worldMatrix[0] >> matrix_multiplication.matrixIn[1]
        target.parentInverseMatrix[0] >> matrix_multiplication.matrixIn[2]
        driver.worldMatrix[0] >> matrix_multiplication.matrixIn[0]
        target.parentInverseMatrix[0] >> matrix_multiplication.matrixIn[1]

    matrix_multiplication.matrixSum >> decompose_matrix.inputMatrix

    if t:
        decompose_matrix.outputTranslate >> target.translate

    if r:
        decompose_matrix.outputRotate >> target.rotate

    if s:
        decompose_matrix.outputScale >> target.scale

More matrix math to come!


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