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Week 8: Turning Physics On/Off

This week's achievements include bi directional platforms and character movement polish.

Bi directional platforms work similarly to how platform in Super Smash Brothers work. On tick, if player is above platform, set collision to Block, else if player is below platform, set collision to Overlap. As soon as I finished writing the previous sentence I thought of a more elegant solution that does not rely on tick...

New solution: Add two box overlap components to the platform that size up or down their width based on the static mesh collision bounds on construction. Then when player overlaps with the component above, the static mesh collision would be set to Block. If player overlaps with box component below, the collision would be set to overlap. I will be implementing this new solution soon. Follow along my progress here!

I have polished the movement by turning physics on and off on the character. Now the character feels way more alive and animated! Physics only gets turned on when the character fails to attach or when the actor the character is attached to gets destroyed, so the character still moves to where the user touches without its movement being interfered by the physics engine. Speaking of physics, having this many objects simulate physics on a mobile device is fine, right?


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