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Week 40: Piper Updates and an Idle

This week's focus centered around rigging bugs, switching over to use, learning about git submodules, using the Maya's workspaceControl command instead of inheriting MayaMixin's to create widgets, and a quick idle animation of Johnny Jupiter!


The advantages of using the workspaceControl command to handle widgets in Maya, is that maya will store the window size, location, and parent for you. So, when you go show the widget again, it'll show up where you previously had place it, even when you have it docked! Using mostly Chris Zurbrigg's teachings, I modified a controller class that handles the workspaceControl commands. Take the Maya Vert Selector for example, a lot of it can be reused by copying and pasting. I wish there was a more elegant solution, but the only thing that really needs replacing is the class name.

class MayaVertSelector(QtWidgets.QDialog):

    label = 'Weighted Vert Selector'
    instance = None  # useful to be singleton while window is open
    ui_name = label.replace(' ', '')  # same as label, but without spaces
    create_command = 'import {0}; {0}.show()'.format(__name__)
    closed_command = 'import {0}; {0}.unregister()'.format(__name__)

    def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
        super(MayaVertSelector, self).__init__(*args, **kwargs)

        self.controller = None

    def showInMaya(self):
        Creates the controller to handle Maya integration with this class' widget. This should be called instead of
        self.controller = Controller(self.__class__.ui_name)

        if self.controller.exists():
            self.controller.create(self.label, self, ui_script=self.create_command, close_script=self.closed_command)

    def close(self, *args, **kwargs):
        Overriding close method to use the controller class function instead.

            (string): Name of workspace control closed.

def get():
    Gets the instance to the widget since it is meant to be a singleton.

        (MayaVertSelector): Widget created.
    MayaVertSelector.instance = MayaVertSelector() if MayaVertSelector.instance is None else MayaVertSelector.instance
    return MayaVertSelector.instance

def unregister():
    Unregisters widget from the widget manager.
    if MayaVertSelector.instance is None:

    MayaVertSelector.instance = None

def show():
    Convenience method for showing the MayaVertSelector widget.

        (MayaVertSelector): Widget shown.
    instance = get()
    return instance


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