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Week 37: Back At It Again

Took a bit of a break, mostly to play Back 4 Blood (cheers to Turtle Rock Studios for an amazing game!) and test out UE4 cinematics with a soccer animation which you can catch below!

Back to the game project this blog is mostly about, I've been mostly re-familiarizing myself with the movement model since it was prototyped in blueprint, moving away all animation blueprint logic for its event graph, fixing bugs, updating to 4.27, and building the engine from source. Good news is that updating to 4.27 or maybe building from source fixed an annoying bug where UE kept having to build all materials every time a single change to a material was made. Anyways, not a whole lot more to share besides suggesting using os.path.relpath() when trying to get the relative path in python instead of lstrip() or split().


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