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Week 34: Jump Animation and Rig Improvements

This week's improvements include simplifying the process of writing a rig script. In the past, I had 37 lines of python code to rig the Blobber, and now it only takes the following 12 lines! Context managers (the usage of the keyword "with" in the script) are easy to use and implement when you have to run processes that need starting up and cleaning up when the class is initialized.

Getting some use of the root squash and stretch with the jump animations! Current implementation involves playing an animation montage when the jump algorithm has decided that a jump will occur but before the jump start event is called in order to have a few squat anticipation frames before the jump. After the montage plays, the animation blueprint takes over again by going into the first frame of the stretch jump animation, and finally moving onto the jump idle. In the future I'll be blending in the jump idle with the land animation pose by lerping them with the normalized jump progress. Anyways, below is the blobber squashing and stretching, but mostly squashing!


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