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Week 3: Streamlining Gifs

After reading up on indie game development, I noticed a lot of successful people suggested gathering marketing material early and often. A dev log/blog is a great way of doing it, because there will be videos and images. However, some social media platforms still prefer .gifs, this would be cool if making .gifs wasn't such a pain in the butt.

Every time I have wanted to make a .gif, I've had to launch a super heavy program like Adobe Premiere or After Effects. Where I have to wait a while for the program to launch, then I have to make a project, then I have to import my footage, then I have to trim my footage, then export with all the right settings, then pick the right spot to export to, and then pray the size of the .gif isn't massive, then run the .gif through an optimizer, and rinse and repeat for every gif. That is too many steps!

What if I could just right click a video, launching a lightweight program with the video loaded where I can quickly trim it and export instead? I couldn't find a solution I liked on the internet, so I made my own, introducing the giffer. (Yes I know the name is corny).

It is a bit rough rough currently since it is the first release, but it does the job and anyone could use it. Here is a .gif of last week's progress made with the giffer in no time.

So why shouldn't I just use Honestly I didn't think about this solution until I was halfway through the giffer, but it works out because if I used giphy, the final result would lose quality and be scaled down since anything you upload to giphy will go through another round of optimization. I may host some .gifs on giphy, others I may not, we'll see!

Coming up next:

- Something something proceduralism in Houdini maybe?

- More classes in UE4


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