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Week 29: High-Poly Wraps

I am not talking about a healthy chicken caesar wrap, instead I am talking about the using a wrap deformer. More specifically, the new proximity wrap deformer in Maya to drive high poly previews of the geometry. Since the proximity wrap deformer is so new, Maya doesn't have an easy way to script it. Thankfully, Autodesk user richard.roberts75H4C was kind enough to share his methods on how to go about scripting it. Below is a function based on the forum post.


With the proximity wrap implemented onto the rig, the Blobber gets to dance in high-poly!

With Piper, its easy to add and remove a high-poly reference to an animation. Currently implemented in the Maya Piper Menu via Piper>Animation>Reference High-Poly. Script simply needs a high-poly Maya file with the right naming conventions set in


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