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Week 11: Baking, Texturing, and The Start of Something New

Got to finally try my hand out at Marmoset Toolbag. It is a great tool to present 3D art!

I ended up refreshing the little of what I knew about Substance Painter to bake and fix ambient occlusion and normal maps. Check out the result below with Marmoset Viewer's fully interactive viewport!

I also 3D printed the character since I needed to test out printing a file and this was the perfect opportunity. Now I know what to expect for my next 3D print.

The next question is whether to rig and animate characters in Maya or Houdini. Normally rigging and animating is done in Maya, however, Houdini is a huge powerhouse of a toolset that is awaiting some animation exploration and this seems like the perfect opportunity for it. Below are the pros and cons of animating in each Digital Content Creation (DCC) package.



- Familiar

- Work on Matrix math/rigging

- New opensource rigging system for artists


- Overdone/saturated market


- This project is more about trying new things and I have been using Maya for over twelve years now.



- Proceduralism? Not sure how this would work with animation.

- New things to try out. Brain will grow.


- Houdini could be resilient since not many people author character animations with it.

- More time spent on building rigging system and getting familiar with animation


- Could maybe opensource a rigging system too, however it's likely to be harder or maybe even unnecessary.

After much thought and consideration, I have decided to rig and animate in Maya, for now... As much as I want to rig and animate in Houdini to try something new one, I am already whelmed with the project given my internal deadline of one year. So, Houdini rigging and animating will have to wait for another project.

With that being said, I have started the GitHub repo for the rigging and pipe system I will be using, if you want to follow, collaborate, or use it for your project, feel free to peek a look here


I have another character in the works that I hope to have presentable by next week.

Possibly some simple matrix constraints?


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